What does residual cancer mean?

Is residual cancer bad?

Tests which uncover minimal residual disease (one cancerous cell in a population of one million normal cells) are helpful for directing treatment and preventing relapse. A single remaining leukemic cell can be fatal, as malignant cells divide without control.

Is residual disease curable?

Evidence that treating MRD can increase the rates of cure.

Similarly, for hematologic cancers such as acute leukaemias or aggressive lymphomas, a single cycle of intensive chemotherapy can induce CR, but virtually no patients are cured without additional therapy to eradicate MRD.

What does residual cancer burden mean?

Residual cancer burden (RCB) is estimated from routine pathologic sections of the primary breast tumor site and the regional lymph nodes after the completion of neoadjuvant therapy. Six variables are included in a calculation formula. The calculated RCB index value can also be categorized as one of four RCB classes.

What is residual tumor?

Abstract. The R classification, adopted in 1987 by the UICC, denotes absence or presence of residual tumor after treatment. Residual tumor may be localized in the area of the primary tumor and/or as distant metastases. R0 corresponds to resection for cure or complete remission.

How is minimal residual disease treated?

MRD testing helps detect patients who are at risk of relapsing. These patients can then receive additional treatment. Patients who are treated for mantle cell lymphoma and achieve an MRD-negative status have been shown to have longer remissions before their disease progresses.

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What does no residual cancer mean?

It means the cancerous tumor is now gone and there is no evidence of disease. Some doctors also use terms like no evidence of disease (NED), complete remission, or complete regression when referring to complete response to cancer treatment.

What is meant by residual disease?

Listen to pronunciation. (ree-ZID-yoo-ul dih-ZEEZ) Cancer cells that remain after attempts to remove the cancer have been made.

What is residual lymphoma?

Residual masses are frequently found in patients with aggressive lymphomas, following therapy. A study was undertaken to determine whether initial tumour size, changes during treatment, or size of the residual mass could provide prognostic information.

What does RCB 3 mean?

RCB index was classified as: RCB-I (minimal burden), RCB-II (moderate burden) or RCB-III (extensive burden). Symmans and colleagues evaluated associations between the continuous RCB index and both event-free survival (EFS) and distant recurrence-free survival (DRFS), adjusting for differences between studies.

What is residual breast cancer?

A residual breast cancer is a remaining portion of the original primary breast cancer after an incomplete resection or following radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What is residual cancer after mastectomy?

Any breast cancer that remains in the breast or axillary lymph nodes after neoadjuvant therapy is called residual breast cancer.