Your question: Can you still have babies if you have ovarian cancer?

Can you get pregnant while having ovarian cancer?

If your ovarian cancer is diagnosed in early stages or if you have a type of ovarian cancer called a germ cell tumor, you may need to have only one ovary removed and preserve your uterus. You may still be able to get pregnant.

Can a woman have children after ovarian cancer?

Most women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer have already been through the menopause and can no longer become pregnant – several we talked to had grown-up children or even grandchildren. Women with children often expressed sympathy for younger or single women who are diagnosed before they have children.

Does pregnancy protect against ovarian cancer?

Women who have been pregnant and carried it to term before age 26 have a lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who have not. The risk goes down with each full-term pregnancy. Breastfeeding may lower the risk even further.

Does ovarian cancer affect your eggs?

Cancerous tumors can damage your ovaries and your ability to produce eggs. You may also need to have one or both ovaries removed. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can also trigger early menopause. If you want to have more children, discuss your options and concerns with a specialist before beginning treatment.

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Would a pregnancy ultrasound detect ovarian cancer?

This question is often asked because ovarian tumors or cancerous growths are more easily detectable during pregnancy, thanks to routine ultrasound procedures. Often, a suspicious growth can be detected early in pregnancy through these sonograms.

Can you have a baby with ovarian cyst?

Having a cyst on an ovary does not usually affect one’s chances of becoming pregnant, which is why doctors will typically only investigate further if a couple has been trying to conceive naturally through regular intercourse for a year, but have not yet been successful in falling pregnant.

Where does your back hurt with ovarian cancer?

Back pain – Many sufferers of ovarian cancer will experience excrutiating back pain. If the tumor spreads in the abdomen or pelvis, it can irritate tissue in the lower back.

Does ovarian cancer show up in blood tests?

If the GP thinks your symptoms could be due to ovarian cancer, they’ll recommend having a blood test to check for a substance called CA125. CA125 is produced by some ovarian cancer cells. A high level of CA125 in your blood could be a sign of ovarian cancer.