You asked: Who is the country singer that died of cancer?

What country music singer had cancer?

Country singer Ashley Monroe said she has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. The 34-year-old musician wrote on Instagram Tuesday that she learned of her diagnosis after her doctor, who’d requested routine lab work a few months ago, found out she was anemic.

What country music singer died recently 2020?

Kenny Rogers (21 August 1938 – 20 March 2020)

Country Music Hall of Fame singer Kenny Rogers died “peacefully at home from natural causes” at the age of 81. Over Rogers’ memorable five decades-long career, the singer sold over 100 million records and took home three Grammys Awards.

What male country singer had cancer?

Ralph Stanley. When Stanley was diagnosed with skin cancer, he chose to keep his battle a secret. He died at the age of 89 on June 23, 2016, from the disease.

What country singer had a brain tumor?

This isn’t Berry’s first health scare. On the same day that his “Your Love Amazes Me,” hit No. 1 in 1994, Berry underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor that was benign but had been wreaking havoc on his life for months causing a severe personality change. “We are fragile beings,” he told Billboard magazine last year.

Who was Kevin Sharp married to?

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